“Love God Greatly” Study Group.

You are welcome to join Adriana at Sunrise!


Just click this link and ask to join in a closed-group, Facebook community.

Denitza is a co-facilitator. She lives in Wisconsin.


Group members study daily a curriculum sponsored by Love God Greatly Ministries. Throughout the year, there are two studies from the Old Testament, two studies from the New Testament, and two topical studies.
On average every study lasts approximately four or six weeks.

This accountability group was established in Fall of 2016.


You can also download the application for free on your smartphone and find the current plan on Youversion as well.

You  can purchase the journals at Amazon.com or download FREE materials from Love God Greatly website. It is your choice! The journals will support the international ministry,  www.lovegodgreatly.com

In our “ Keynotes in His Presence” FB group, you may share your reflections when studying God’s Word, be encouraged and grow closer to our Savior one day at a time.

We also have SOAP challenges and the winner selects a journal of her choice  at the end of the study. The Journal is shipped directly to your home.

(Journal Covers)

As you read Scriptures, you may find a verse or two that stands out the most.

Write it down in your journal,

Read the verse out loud once or twice,

Meditate on it,

Write down an observation or two.

How does this verse apply to you today?

Then, P-R-A-Y.

The Word of God will indeed refresh your soul!

Over time…

His Truth renew your mind, change your heart and transform your live forever.