Holy Beautiful Devotional Book 2018 is now available!

News Flash!

The first ever “Holy Beautiful Devotional Book” is available for purchase today!

It took over a year to create and a team of talented writers poured their hearts out to God and over 13,000 women around the globe.

I am so honored to be part of this international team of writers. We are a diversified team of 12. We have a writer from Australia, another one from Africa and I am originally from Venezuela.

The official ”book launch day” is Saturday, December 1 but I could not wait any longer to share the news with you tonight.

The Holy Beautiful Devotional Book will inspired you to live life for Christ.

The writers are ordinary women just like you who share their most intimate thoughts, and emotions when walking into the unexpected moments of life with a surrendered heart.

These women genuinely share how their relationship with Jesus has transformed their lives. 

Christ makes their lives extraordinary and full!

As they pour out their hearts to you, they will write about life and lessons learned, and bravely pray with you.

You will read more about the power of resurrection every time you turn a page of the devotional book.

I want to make sure you have these devotional books in your homes just in time for Christmas. If you would like an autographed copy from me, email me at keynotesinHispresence@gmail.com with your contact information and email address for PayPal. I have limited quantity and these copies will go fast!

It ships in 3-5 days.

You are welcome to follow ”Holy Beautiful” Ministry on Facebook.

I know this book will make the most beautiful Christmas gift ever. It has color pictures, journaling space and ton of devotionals of course.The book is close to 400 pages!

Click on the link to order from the publishing company.


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