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I am so honored to be writing alongside with eleven writers whose hearts are for the Lord and who are faithfully walking in Christ. We are a diversified group of women who follow Jesus Christ in our every day lives. We are all dedicated to carrying out the Great Commission to all nations. Jesus Christ makes our lives extraordinary.

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The first Holy Beautiful Devotional Book was officially launched on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

It is close to 400 pages filled with vibrant pictures, Devotionals, Prayers, and a 30-day Bible Reading Plan.

You will find journaling pages, a section for notes & plenty of space to write your own reflections, lessons learned, cross-references, impressions, observations, prayers and much more.

“I enjoy highlighting key sentences, using different color gel pens (pink is my favorite) to make special markings, writing out ‘lessons learned’ as I read the content of a devotional and praying over Scriptures…”

You will also find pages with a Scripture-centered on the page- with plenty of journaling space below. I like to spend time reading the Scripture, meditating on it for a few minutes, reading it aloud once or twice, inscribing it then writing out a detailed prayer on the page.

I do this with all of my bible studies and devotionals.

An amazing keepsake for your kids. It is definitely a gift of legacy.

In the 30-day Bible reading, I make notes as I read the Bible passages for the day. For the verses that stand out, I enjoy writing them over in multiple translations if time permits.

You will have enough journaling space indeed. There is always one verse or two that stands out the most. If there is one that speaks loudly to my heart, I then use the S.O.A.P. method.

“What is the SOAP method?!”

“S” for Scripture –  writing out a verse or two on the Bible translation of your choice. I sometimes use 2-3 translations if at all possible.

“O” for Observation- Write out any observations and/or impressions I may have during my quiet time with the Lord,

“A” for Application – How do I apply this verse to my life today?

“P” for Prayer – Pray over the verse once I have completed the first three steps.

Typically, the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart as I go thru all of these steps.

Once I’m finished with my quiet time, I am then ready to face the challenge(s) of the day.

In Christ, anything is possible! I treasure the time I spend in His Word at Sunrise.

img_1647Photo Courtesy: Holy Beautiful Ministry.

Holy Beautiful Devotional Book is now available on Amazon.com

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