Morning Coffee


“Have you ever wondered ‘how to enrich’ quiet mornings before Sunrise?”


I typically enjoy a fresh cup of coffee when viewing ‘first5’ wrap-up sessions on Saturday mornings. Watching godly women highlight five major moments from a book of the Bible has been breathtaking!

In a short video, a lesson or two may be expanded and life applications are suggested.

Download your ‘first5’ app. for FREE!

Studying one chapter a day has been a life-altering experience for me this year. When reading, praying or meditating on Scriptures, my soul refreshes and the ‘stinking’ attitude, ‘unwanted’ emotions, ‘unrealistic’ perspective or anxious mindset fades away right before a chaotic or hectic, work schedule.

First5 also displays a daily devotional followed by prayer. At the end of each devotional, a prompt and blank space are available so we may jot down ‘our own’ reflections for the day and archive these journal entries for months to come.

Have you considered Leviticus or Hebrews lately? Download your free app. and join us next Monday.


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