A Prayer for Macy


How sweet when Scriptures are ‘active and alive’ in the midst of unsettling circumstances.

Jesus reminded me of his Truth, 1 Corinthians 4:12. His timing was perfect too.

“We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly…”

On Friday, I noticed a young woman’s desperate cry to save her kitty on social media.  People demanded the young woman to consult with the vet immediately without acknowledging or addressing the core treatment barrier.

The reality was ‘Momma cat’ didn’t have the money to pay for the vet bills after she had rescued ‘Macy’ from a gloomy, rainy, cold winter night.

After reading multiple, critical and harsh commentators on Facebook, I established a ‘gofundme’ campaign.

Some contributed and supported the campaign, others ignored it and few were insulted by its noble mission.

And, who knows ‘how many’ individuals reported the link to the page’s administrator after the campaign was posted on his/her social page!

Praising  Jesus right now!

I’ve got the Veterinarian and mamma cat’s contact information. Macy is on her way to the clinic at this very moment and I will be able to wrap up with the campaign this week, and most importantly follow-thru with Macy’s progress after her eye surgery💕

Her eye will be surgically removed in the next 24 hours.

I heard Jesus say in my disbelief, ‘pray for those who reported you and for the administrator who banned you from the page!’

“Are you kidding with me?!” it was the initial, candid response.

I was angry, disheartened and in disbelief when I found out I was banned for posting a campaign on social media. There were no warnings or alerts regarding rules.

Since then, I’ve been taking all negative thoughts captive to Christ and will continue loving ‘unlovable’ citizens on this earth today and always.

I love Jesus.

He wants us to love everyone 💕 including the unlovable ones.

Please pray for Macy’s eye surgery and post-recovery phase.


(Courtesy picture: Gwen Dean — 5 weeks after the eye surgery)

If you like to donate to Macy’s campaign, please click the link below:


There is time for Everything


In the book of Ecclesiastes, the truth reminds us of…

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot…a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…”

It’s time to mourn indeed.

God hears our Prayers

As I hustled towards the double doors of Corporate building in despair, I prayed “Lord, I don’t want for GQ to suffer any longer…let him rest… Take him now if its your will”.

“Answer me when I call to you, My righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; have mercy on me and hear my prayer” Psalm 4:1 NIV

The veterinarian had left me a voicemail by the time I unlocked my office door.

By then, I knew the Lord had seen my distress and had heard a piercing cry for His mercies.


Our last morning together. He was relaxed while I drank morning coffee and ate breakfast.

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Hidden Bay


For over fifteen years, my folks lived across this Bay with a panoramic view of North Miami and Aventura.

Mom was vivacious for countless years.

Mom exercised regularly at a Gym and walked daily to a local park, cooked ‘arroz con leche’ often, traveled to Venezuela at least twice a year, played cards with girlfriends, was diligent in taking care of dad and was determined  to overcome her Alzheimers.


“It’s a new day under the sun”,

I reminded myself as I drank coffee quietly near the pool and momentarily reflected how our lives have forever changed in less than sixteen months.

When dad captured his last breath of fresh air, and waltzed right into the presence of our Lord, family dynamics forever changed.

Mom’s health has deteriorated since then.

Mom gets easily fatigue today. She sleeps often throughout the day, is unable to recollect new information, gets confused at times, is reluctant to wear her dentures, needs supervision, is unable to drive a vehicle, isolates herself, suffers from bodily aches and pains, and disengages from the world often.

The bellyaching fact is mom will never remember how many days  we recently embraced together.

As I hugged and kissed mom, I grasped how our lives will never be the same.

When I approached the counter of Delta airlines, my heart was filled with affliction and sorrow.

Because the Lord is near the broken-hearted, He comforted me as I headed towards the gate, D2.

The Lord reminded me of an inevitable reality,

“In old age, your body no longer serves you so well. Muscles slacken, grip weakens, joints stiffen. The shades are pulled down on the world. You can’t come and go at will. Things grind to a halt. The hum of the household fades away. You are wakened now by bird-song. Hikes to the mountains are a thing of the past. Even a stroll down the road has its terrors. Your hair turns apple-blossom white, Adorning a fragile and impotent matchstick body. Yes, you’re well on your way to eternal rest…”
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭12:3-5‬ ‭MSG‬‬

It’s a new day under the sun, indeed.

The Lord will never leave me nor forsake my beloved mom.

Our lives may have changed. Nevertheless, mom’s unconditional love will always prevail in my heart, and her fingerprints will forever dwell in my soul.

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Be Still


How many times have I checked this tree in our front yard? Not once or twice but multiple times this Spring. My husband and I drove around the neighborhood and compared similar trees in size and development this past weekend. We asked ourselves, ‘Do we need treatment for a fungus or fertilizer?!’


Our other tree started to show foliage overnight. We were so excited, ‘It was just a matter of time’. We both agreed.

I don’t know about you…

I take delight in manipulating external factors so outcomes can be achieved in a timely manner or even sooner than expected.

When outcomes are delayed, I get impatient. When hurrying, I mess up at times.

Can I really rush the growth of our front yard trees? That’s a foolish thought! We can use pesticide if there is fungus and fertilizer to nourish the soil perhaps.

I truly struggle with God when circumstances are not unfolding as expected. I may repeatedly ask Him, ‘Help me now, I need an answer’ or ‘Please, fix this for me right now! or ‘I will fix it myself!’

The Lord reminds me everyday, “Be still, and know that I am God…”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭46:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

God is in control. He takes care of details and aligns the circumstances with the most favorable plan in our lives. We just need to surrender and trust in Him alone.

It’s quite a challenge to wait, I know.

It took me twenty-five years and three professional licenses before I stepped into a regional position. Even though I face opposition multiple times in a day, God reminds me “Be still, Adriana’.

God equipped me for the circumstances I’m facing today; otherwise, I would have already failed.

God’s mercies and grace are renewed every morning. He is my refuge and comforter. As I’m sitting in my leather couch this morning, I am counting all career blessings that have unfolded this past year alone.

Let me relax, drink my morning coffee, and enjoy my day ‘off’.

Spring is already here and there is no need to rush.


Daddy’s girl!

“Let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and all that move in them,”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭69:34‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Happy first anniversary dad! I’ve missed you.

Enjoy the serenity, sea breeze, singing birds, tropical weather of your heavenly estate.

Dad and I would sit together for unlimited hours at a time! We talked about anything, laughed at funny jokes, shared updates on ‘novelas’, arranged for auto repairs, shopped for office supplies, ate ‘Arepas’ every morning, dealt with disappointments and grief, watched ‘Sabado Gigante’ traveled to Scandinavian countries…

YES! I was dad’s little girl.

In my teens, dad enjoyed my piano practices at sunrise, and even dreamed of piano performance in concert halls. As I grew older, dad was delighted about college plans and career opportunities.

I vividly remember dad’s tears of joy when I graduated.

If I could whisper in his ear where I’m possibly heading next… He would smile at me right at this moment and would say, “you can do it, Adriana”

Dad never graduated from high school yet lived in two countries, retired in his early 40s, traveled around the world and provided us with life-time opportunities.

Praise God for His faithfulness!

 Dad was a remarkable man who also battled Parkinson’s disease for over 35 years, shared his wisdom, loved unconditionally and left fingerprints engraved deep in my soul!

Dad’s integrity, humility and forgiving heart will forever be treasured.

Dad is much alive in my heart!

YES! I’m still dad’s little girl.

The Accidental Feminist

The Accidental Feminist

 “The great hope is that no amount of sin, personal ambition, feminism or even good desires will change God’s good design for women,” Courtney Reissig.

I’ve never considered myself a feminist, but I am now convinced I’ve been an ‘accidental’ feminist all along!

Challenging God’s authority is indeed a manifestation of feminism.


That’s a profound statement.

 I spent at least twenty years orchestrating my life exactly the way I wanted. Did I ever consider biblical truths? Did I ever align past decisions with His truths?

Probably not!

 At the end of the day, I was mentally and emotionally drained. I was quite unfulfilled I must admit. Accomplishments, possessions, status, promotions were never enough. Things, people or events will never fulfill the longing of our hearts.

I can sit here in front of the computer screen and dwell on all types of regrets while I type my next sentence. Instead, I choose joy for God has transformed my life in the past decade.

Praise God for His beautiful design for women.

I’m not only content but my lifestyle has aligned with His heart and most importantly His truth is revealed one day at a time!

Get your copy at Amazon.com today. I hope you will enjoy the read as much as I did.

Guilty as charged!

Have I used ‘facetune’ app to erase wrinkles on my face?

Guilty as charged!

There will always be an opportunity to fix our ‘looks’ on the app. by just clicking different features.

‘click’ red eyes are fixed, ‘click’ wrinkles are faded, ‘click’ teeth are whiter than ever, ‘click’ textures are smoother and even another ‘click’ 10-15 lbs. are instantly off!

Magazines and TV commercials highlight the latest trends of beauty products.

Have I used anti-aging products?

Guilty as charged!

As a matter of fact, I’ve found the best products for facial ‘aging’ spots in the market recently. Yes! I’m quite aware of the aging process… Loss of hair, belly fat, grey hair, aging spots, flabby arms just to mention a few!

Exercising our bodies, and eating healthy promote wellness. Just know, our hearts need most of our attention.

Guarding our hearts from negative emotions will enhance our quality of life. Don’t allow anger take root in your heart.


Have we asked ourselves lately?!

Am I resentful or forgiving? Am I judgmental or understanding? Am I hateful or loving? Am I selfish or giving? Am I angry or compassionate?

If we are experiencing negative emotions today, let’s pray for God’s perspective, renew our minds quickly and pray for healing of our tender hearts.

1 Samuel 16:7 reminds us, “People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 

‘Please Lord, give me a fresh perspective on aging and most importantly heal all matters of the heart. Give me a fresh perspective on gray hair very soon! I don’t want to be ‘guilty as charged’ on my next birthday…’

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Witty Companions

There is no need for an alarm clock at the Spokanes.

The Spokanes wake up quite early on weekdays, weekends and holidays while the feline crew plays, fights or relaxes on the bed or cat tree.

By 5:45 a.m, paws are either on my face or chest demanding ‘fancy and feast’ seafood to be served on schedule!

There is no time to snooze or fall behind schedule. I’ve got no choice but to honor feline crew’s feeding time.

‘Spoiled Rotten’ creatures!, I know. I’ve been truly blessed with colorful, untold stories. These memories will be cherished indeed.

These four-legged, Spokane members are entertaining, loyal and affectionate.

Praising God for His creation. 

G.Q. has lived in Central Florida and West Tennessee.  He is a 19 y/o champion who continues to be playful in spite of kidney failure and loss of vision.

He has the house layout memorized!
image Little girl (bottom left) tends to be ‘shy’ and doesn’t like strangers. She is attracted to toys and tracks outdoor movements at night.

Hope (bottom back) tends to chew on wires; he opens or closes doors when bored. He is mesmerized by birds’ musical tunes.

Hope doesn’t like to be told what to do.

Faith (bottom right) tends to chew on newspapers and paperbacks! He never knows when ‘to stop’ eating and needs a diet desperately. He is daddy’s boy!

Faith enjoys cuddling at any given time.


“The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭12:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬