Roses in a Garden

IMG_1405(Garden pictures: Courtesy of Laura Duncan Murphy)


When I was a freshman in high school, I heard the guidance counselor say, ‘I was not going to amount to anything…’ when we held a group discussion about college applications. Her message was imprinted in my mind and heart for close to three decades!

Over the years, I struggled with fears, doubt and insecurities yet I persevered thru it all!

I still do…

In Christ, anything is possible.


A few days ago, I received a group text message from the Regional Administrator sharing a compliment from TN Commissioner. Her text was brief and to the point, ‘the Commissioner complimented Dr. Morales’ unwavering child focus.’

What?!! Was she talking about me? I asked myself then read the text message few more times in disbelief.

I  praised God for His wisdom and discernment in the midst of challenging circumstances and most importantly the passion I have for children.

I replied back with a grateful heart and attributed successful outcomes to team work.

I was indeed energized to move on to the next challenge. It’s non-stop, and fast-paced work style. Regional leadership roles are demanding yet rewarding when walking in Christ.

In Christ, anything is possible.

Earlier today, I realized the impact of ‘unwavering passion for life’.

Jesus reminds us we will have trials and tribulations in our lifetime yet our spirits will never be crushed. He gives us strength, inner peace and joy. He promises us an abundant life when we surrender our hearts and lives to Him.

His Word renews our minds, transforms our lives and our hearts will never  be the same.

He then creates a masterpiece just like my friend’s colorful garden of roses.

I choose Jesus and never a lie again!

Just know, we were fearfully and  wonderfully  created by our Abba Father who loves us unconditionally. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

In Christ, anything is possible.

Choose Jesus!