The Captain of the Seas

If you missed Adriana Morales Spokane talking about coping with the stress of the corona virus pandemic from her latest book, The Captain of the Seas; on Mid-South View Point #radioshow, now available at or #SPOTIFY #podcast at #AM640 #MemphisRadio #goodforthesoul #covid19 #pandemicfears #mentalhealth

The Captain of the Seas

On today’s Mid-South View Point #radioshow Adriana Morales Spokane, Licensed Clinical Psychologist talks about her latest book; The Captain of the Seas: Sailing Unchartered Waters with a Faithful God.: Journaling the Unexpected Rhythms of a Worldwide Health Crisis.

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Decisión Finalized!

Estate Planning, long-term care insurance, and retirement planning have been on my mind since my mid-40s!

Working as a Psychologist at long-term care facilities and watching my elderly parents struggle with chronic medical conditions made me think of my own estate planning a decade ago.

I purchased long-term care insurance in my early 40s yet I haven’t revised my living will since I remarried. The struggle is real.

It is an ongoing struggle to get all of our affairs in order… who wants to think about post-retirement years when you are not even a senior as of yet?!

My dad died unexpectedly and there was no living will. It was a complete mess. Tension was high among family members. Controversial discussions were held. At the end of the day, I was hurt, betrayed, disappointed and completely stressed out and emotionally spent.

This is the reason I recently finalized my decision on moving into a life care retirement community in two years.

I want to be R-E-A-D-Y and live life abundantly, courageously and to the fullest without any reservation or concerns about leaving any troubles behind once the Lord calls me home.

I want to leave a legacy, unforgettable memories and loving relationships instead.

You are welcome to follow my new blog,

I plan on sharing upcoming adventures.

Guard Our Hearts


Prepare our hearts. Renew our minds. Strengthen our hearts and transforms our lives one day at a time.

We want to be in fellowship with You, Lord, walk in Light not in darkness, share our lives with one another, be prayerful and love one another.

We do not want to flirt around with worldly things but focus our eyes on You and surrender our lives one challenge at a time amid global pandemic.

Encourage us to abide in You and be mindful of Your precepts, act on Your commands and Trust in all eternal promises.

Our desire is to walk in Faith, not by sight.

In Jesus’ name we boldly and courageously pray, Amen.