If You are real, show me who You are, Lord!”

Annette shared how she surrendered her will to our Lord over and over again since the passing of her beloved, 27 y/o daughter.

When her heart was crushed, she took refuge under His wings, embraced His unfailing, morning mercies and walked alongside God one breath at a time for such a time as this…

Annette also shared practical tips as to “how to care” for ourselves in a season of grief and loss, and how ‘sharegrief’ support groups helped her along the way.

Physical movement, nutrition, restorative sleep and deep breathing exercises are key ingredients in Annette’s healing process.

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Be Refreshed

As I continue doing telehealth as a Psychologist, I will also add another adventure to my current work schedule. I will be overseeing registered behavior techs in GA for the first time ever! I cannot wait for the ups and downs of this new season in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Navigating thru different electronic health records including therapynotes, Atrack and AdvancedMD can also be a challenge at times yet a fascinating, wild ride and definitely an interesting adventure!
Being intentional about physical movement has helped me adapt to full-time, remote work. I was hesitant to work remotely at first yet it has been 19 months and counting…

Did you know ‘walking’ will release serotonin and it will make a difference in one’s well-being at any given transition?!!!!

I would highly recommend for you to take extra steps today and track your progress in “Be Refreshed.”

Be Refreshed: Journaling the Rhythms of Intentional Self-Care with a Faithful God. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B09J7KS7Q9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_EV3T0E11BGEHQSTPBT65

I praise God for His unfailing love and morning mercies who has faithfully helped me to adapt to remote work. I’m now loving it and have the flexibility to relocate if I want to at any given time.

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A Time for Everything.

Journaling a Bible verse or two!


Daily Reflections

Are you planning on reading the Chronological Bible in 2022?

I am thinking of grabbing a NIV or NLT copy for myself. I’m still undecided.

No matter what Bible translation you choose, this Faith Journal will encourage you to write daily reflections from the Bible passage you read each day, count your blessings and maintain a prayerful lifestyle.

“The Bible Reading Journal Series: Daily Reflections from The Chronological Bible” is coming soon to Amazon.com in November 2021.

A perfect Christmas gift for family and friends!