Be Refreshed

As I continue doing telehealth as a Psychologist, I will also add another adventure to my current work schedule. I will be overseeing registered behavior techs in GA for the first time ever! I cannot wait for the ups and downs of this new season in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Navigating thru different electronic health records including therapynotes, Atrack and AdvancedMD can also be a challenge at times yet a fascinating, wild ride and definitely an interesting adventure!
Being intentional about physical movement has helped me adapt to full-time, remote work. I was hesitant to work remotely at first yet it has been 19 months and counting…

Did you know ‘walking’ will release serotonin and it will make a difference in one’s well-being at any given transition?!!!!

I would highly recommend for you to take extra steps today and track your progress in “Be Refreshed.”

Be Refreshed: Journaling the Rhythms of Intentional Self-Care with a Faithful God.

I praise God for His unfailing love and morning mercies who has faithfully helped me to adapt to remote work. I’m now loving it and have the flexibility to relocate if I want to at any given time.

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