Be Strong and Courageous!

Journaling a Bible verse or two!

If You are real, show me who You are, Lord!”

Annette shared how she surrendered her will to our Lord over and over again since the passing of her beloved, 27 y/o daughter.

When her heart was crushed, she took refuge under His wings, embraced His unfailing, morning mercies and walked alongside God one breath at a time for such a time as this…

Annette also shared practical tips as to “how to care” for ourselves in a season of grief and loss, and how ‘sharegrief’ support groups helped her along the way.

Physical movement, nutrition, restorative sleep and deep breathing exercises are key ingredients in Annette’s healing process.

Click below ⬇️ for Annette’s testimony 💓–show-me-who-You-are–Lord-e19j6if

Be Refreshed!

We just never know where one’s painting will end up!

Painting is a new hobby and has helped me relax after a hectic day amid transition. Since the global pandemic, I have stepped up to better self-care habits.

Good health is ‘wealth’ now a days. Let us treasure our bodies, His temple, one day at a time.

“Be Refreshed: Journaling the Rhythms of Intentional Self-Care with a Faithful God” is coming this Fall to Amazon.

Crystal Lotus: a symbol of beauty, strength and resilience.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates.