Reflections amid Global Pandemic

There is beauty in life even in the midst of loss and grief. There is beauty in our surroundings when we intentionally search for it.

I am grateful for life and the gift of good health this evening.

Life is precious yet temporary.

Be intentional.

Enjoy good health. Make your health a priority today.

My heart aches … the impact of collective grief is quite real but I also know the Lord is near the broken-hearted.

I heard about people either being diagnosed with a terminal illness, dying from COVID19 and grieving over the loss of loved ones from the novel virus this afternoon.

It was the most difficult “afternoon” I’ve had in 100 days❣️

In less than two hours…
I heard my hubby share about his co-worker who recently lost two family members from COViD19 a few days apart.

A friend who treats COVID19 patients was quite concerned about the rapid spread of the virus in our county.

And, helping a patient manage the intensity of deep grief after losing two family members to COVID19 in the same month was quite sobering.

As a Healthcare worker and a human being, I’ve got to acknowledge the emotional impact of a global pandemic. Let us not deny it. The pandemic is real and so our raw emotions.

Even though the struggle is real, our God is so much bigger.

Let us pray for healing, hope and peace this evening.

Thank a healthcare worker the next time you see one.