Your Greatness is a Song of Hope.

“Generation after generation will declare more of your greatness and declare more of your glory.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭145:4‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Heavenly Father,

You are our Lord and Savior,

You died at the Cross, forgave those who sinned against you, and resurrected on the third day to offer us eternal life,

You are a Light to those who are blind-folded by temptations and a compass to those who are sleepless in the wilderness,

You march closely with the broken-hearted, heal the wounds from past misfortunes, and revive our souls from shattered dreams,

You relentlessly maneuver the heights of steep mountains and execute magnificent, prized miracles in our ordinary lives!

You are a beacon in the midst of chaos and the matchless hope for today’s helpless world,

You are worthy of praise, Abba Father (Ps 145:3). Your generous hand is filled with promises and your heart sings distinct melodies of joy and hope,

I’m telling the world about all the phenomenal acts you do every day.

You are an amazing God!

Your never-ending grace, unfailing love, and unmerited favor to all generations are the manifestation of your deep love for us.

I want to witness your immeasurable greatness, power and strength in my life today and always.

Since your ‘heart tunes’ are my song of joy and hope (Psalms 59:16), I’m asking for you to always be my refuge and fortress until my last breath on earth!

In Jesus’ name, I pray

your beloved daughter.

74D972AD-85F9-44E2-883E-F82AB056D476.jpegPhoto Courtesy: Bao-Quan Nguyen



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