Slow to Anger

Photo courtesy: Viet Vang @ Splash
“Do you want to be a mighty warrior?
It’s better to be known as one who is patient and slow to anger.
Do you want to conquer a city?
Rule over your temper before you attempt to rule a city”
Proverbs 16:32 TPT


Did I just heard him say…?!

Every time I hear him say negative comments about others, I respectfully ignore.

Every time I hear him loudly say, ‘shut up’, and claim to have all of the answers, I respectfully follow his cue.

Every time I hear him make unreasonable demands, I respectfully listen then share a fresh perspective.

Every time I am crossed-examined, I respectfully answer.

Every time I notice confusion, I respectfully slow down the rhythm of speech.

Every time I hear a condescending remark, I respectfully ignore.

Every time I transition to a new task, I forgive past offense.

Help me let go and forget both subtle and obvious hostile acts, Lord.

Capture his attention, soften the heart, and protect his life.

He needs a Savior!

Help me extend grace for every one of his offenses.

I will not tolerate abuse. I will be a Light to the lost world before I walk away.

I’m wonderfully and fearfully made by our Creator and no one changes His Truth.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

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