The Bible Reading Journal Illustrated.


The “Bible Reading Journal Illustrated” is available now on Amazon ✍🏼

It can be used in a group setting or independently. It is the perfect journal for anyone who is just beginning to engage in “Faith Journaling.”

The journal explains the value of ‘Faith journaling’ and an illustration demonstrates the daily process. This journal will provide you with journaling space to record your personal reflections as you read Bible passages every 20 days.

You will find written prompts that will guide you thru five key spiritual disciplines: Obedience, Confession, Forgiveness, Thanksgiving, and Prayer.

Scriptures cross-references are also available for you to dig deeper into God’s Word.

The journal will help you reflect and pray over Scriptures whether you are sitting in a kitchen table, taking a lunch break, waiting to pick-up your child from school or drinking coffee at a local cafe. The portable size of the journal is convenient to carry in your messenger bag, tote, purse or backpack. This portable journal is perfect for anyone who tends to be busy in life or travels often.

You will renew your mind with His Word, strengthen your heart with His promises and refresh your soul with His unconditional and unfailing love.

Are you ready to establish these disciplines in your life? If so, your life will be transformed over the course of time. #thebiblereadingjournalseries #inscribehisword #journalingclass #discipleship #womenretreats #faithjournaling

The Bible Reading Journal Illustrated: Journaling In Pursuit of His Direction, Wisdom and a Closer Relationship.

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