The Art of Journaling

Kathy Bornarth is the founder of, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a published author who loves to journal!

In Kathy’s book titled, “Write Changes: Stories of Transformation Through Journal Writing”, you will find short essays addressing the benefits of journaling by ten different women including herself. Her published book was easy to read, informative and encouraging; it was 54 pages long. I highly recommend it for those who are considering journaling for the first time. Even though I have journaled in the past, Kathy’s book reminded me of the importance of self-examination and offered me fresh perspectives on the art of journaling.


Are you considering journaling today?

Creative Bible journaling, prayer and gratitude journaling are three of my favorite styles. I love to be colorful, worship God and have fun coloring Scriptures too!


There are so many ways to journal. It all depends on your needs and focus.

I’m about to learn more about ‘verse mapping’; it will probably be an extension to bible and scripture journaling. Kristy Cambron offers Verse Mapping 101; her two new journals on the book of Luke and Acts will be released in May 2018.

I have found journaling to be quite therapeutic in nature. The exercise of writing down personal thoughts and emotions provides clarity, insight, and self-awareness over time. When I engage in creative bible, prayer and gratitude journaling, I deepen my relationship with the Lord.


It’s an excellent way to interact with His Word at sunrise or at sunset if you’ve got a full-time job.

If consistency is an issue just know it takes approximately 28 days to establish a new habit.

‘Therapeutic writing’ was popular in 1960’s. In mid 1980’s, Dr. James Pennebaker researched the impact of ‘expressive writing’ on trauma, and Kathleen Adams (1999) published an article titled, ” Writing as Therapy” and acknowledged the therapeutic benefits of writing in the healing process.


Newman added space for journaling after each devotional. Yes! it was an excellent way to navigate thru grief and loss. I’m still in the process of healing.

If you are in need of a journal, try the ‘sheic’ journals at The colors are bright and perfect for any season. The size of the journal is convenient for a purse or tote, and it’s comfortable to carry all day long.

I just love the color of my new journal!



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