On Our Knees


Abba Father, you are Holy, full of compassion and merciful.

An amazing God indeed!

We praise you for a new day filled with your grace, mercies, and filled with unlimited possibilities for our lives.


We come to you humbly with an open heart and embrace all of your precepts. We want to know you better, learn more about your character, and grow much closer to you.

Encourage us to read, reflect, and hide every Scripture in our hearts so we may always have wisdom and discernment when navigating thru confusion, turmoil or chaos, and conduct ourselves in a manner that is worthy of the Gospel.

You are our Abba Father who provides and protects us. You are our only Savior, Deliverer, Healer, and most importantly the wisest Counselor who guides us thru the narrow path while we are finishing the good work you started in us.

We are rejoicing today as we stand firm on your Word. We celebrate your presence as You walk with us and we are forever grateful for the Peace and Hope We find in you alone.

We praise you for your never-ending Grace, forgiveness and faithfulness. 

We continue to nourish our souls with your precepts, renew our minds and set us free from strongholds. We are grateful for being the ‘chosen ones’ who were once lost yet convicted  by the Holy Spirit, and turned away from our sins and idols so we may serve you today and always.  

Help us to love others who may be difficult, maintain peace everywhere we go, encourage the disheartened, help everyone in need, be patient, strengthen our hearts so we may be blameless and holy in your presence, stand firm on your Word, and hold fast to your teachings. 

We want to be children of the light and children of the day today and always.

Deliver us from evil and protect us wherever we go. 

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

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