Accountability group for women 2021

Who is planning on reading the Bible in 2021?
Do you like to journal when reading God’s Word?
If so, the Bible Reading Journal Series is perfect for you!

Our FB accountability group will begin the new journal soon 🔜 Every journal cover will be a “Limited Edition”

You will choose the Bible, devotional and/or the reading plan you want to use.

I will also be using a devotional for the morning and evening then “vlogging” it. Yes! You can subscribe to today and listen to a five minutes Bible teaching and ‘how to’ journal.
For color enthusiasts, we will be using “The Bible Reading Journal Series” Coding System. You are also welcome to read Devotionals or commentaries to add to your “notes section”.

🎉 We will be having monthly and quarterly drawings for active participants.

🎉 FREE washi tape and elements are available in the file section of our FB closed group.

For those who are still unsure about the Bible Reading Plan, this resource is available on Amazon.
You will have 3 different reading plans to choose from the pamphlet.
One-Year Bible Reading Plan

To purchase the new journal, go to Amazon link:
The Bible Reading Journal Series: 120 days in the Bible. Special Edition.

To join group, click:

Please answer all three questions when requesting to join 💝

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